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Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

    How to create an account?

    It's very simple. Go to the main page, click "Sign up" and complete the short form providing us your working e-mail and password. The registration takes no more than one minute.

    What can I do when I have an account?

    If you are Mp3Eagle user you have many possibilities besides browsing, purchasing and downloading. When you are logged in, press "My Account" to learn more about what you can do here:

    1. Downloads: Active downloads - your recent purchases that you can download
      Download history - the history of your purchases
    2. Playlists: Saved for later - tracks you can save and buy later
      Songlists playlists that you created
    3. Account: Profile - fill it to become VIP member and get the possibility to order albums that are not in our catalog
      e-mail address/Password - the place where you can change your registration data
    4. E-mail subscriptions: Site News, Special Offers, etc. - subscribe for site news on that page
      Content Updates - subscribe for audiobook and music genre(s) weekly or monthly
    5. Balance: Add funds - click here to upload credits or purchase Unlimited Subscription
      Balance Status - total money you ever uploaded, your ever spent money and current balance, number of purchased tracks and their total size
      Payments history - shows when and how you uploaded credits to your account
    6. Get help: Order album - order the album if you are VIP member
      Contact Customer Support: click it to access Knowledgebase when you can browse the articles or send a question to Customer Support
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    Is my account secure?

    Mp3Eagle uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on all functions that require personal information. Doing so protects the confidentiality of your personal and billing information while it's transmitted over the Internet.
    To make your account even more secure, follow this simple instruction:

    1. Log out after you finished purchasing and downloading
    2. Do not use the same password for many online accounts
    3. Don't share your password with anyone including your family members
    4. Change your password often, that will reduce the chance that someone else will break it up.
    5. Try to create as unique password as you can - use many different characters, do not use simple things like 12345, your home address or birth date.
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    How to change my password or login?

    Every registered user can change his login and password.
    Go to "My account", select "Account" → "e-mail Address/Password" and follow the simple and easy instruction.

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    I forgot my password - what shall I do?

    Follow the "Forgot your password?" link. Give us the e-mail address you used to register and we'll send new password generated by our system. Only you know this password.

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    I get "Login Error!" message every time I try to log in. What can I do?

    1. Make sure you have typed your details correctly.
    2. Is CAPS LOCK enabled? Passwords are case sensitive.
    3. Delete all cookies, clear up your cache, then turn the cookies on (if they are turned off) in your browser options.
    4. Try to use another browser.
    5. If you are using two or more languages, check if the correct chosen at this moment.

    If the problem persists, follow the "Forgot your password?" link and complete the form.

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    How big is collection? has nearly two and a half million songs in its database and we are adding many new albums every day.

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    How often do you upload new music?

    MP3Eagle usually uploads about 400 albums every day. Our users can subscribe for the new uploads.

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    How to browse the catalog?

    1. Please, use our Search. It quickly finds everything according to artist, album and song title.
    2. We have many charts for you to discover - visit our Charts page.
    3. If you are interested in the latest updates, go to New Albums.
    4. The basic page to know the artists according to the genre is here.
    5. Start browsing audiobooks.
    6. Get started with soundtracks.
    7. Only the best dance music.
    8. Top Billboard.
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    Adding funds

    1. Log in.
    2. Click "Refill Balance"
    3. Select payment sum, complete the form, press "Continue"
    4. You are redirected to the page of our payment partner that will confirm your payment.
    5. Mp3Eagle page will show the following message:
      Your payment is being processed with the Payment system.
      The Payment system has not confirmed the transaction.
      Just wait a few minutes and check if payment entry is at your account.
      To check the status of your account please refresh the page by pressing F5.
      Thank you for using our service!
      Please contact our Support Service if you have any questions.
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    I want to refund my payment. Can I get my money back?

    The fact that you have added money on your account means that you have agreed to spend it in total for Mp3Eagle's services. You can learn about our refund policy here. If you have any questions or want to refund your payment, please contact our Support Service.

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    I have added money to my account but there are no changes after the payment. What can I do?

    Our Support Service is ready to help you. Please, provide the payment details and we will try to do our best to solve your problem. Back to top

    Purchasing and downloading through the site

    1. Find what you want to download.
    2. When you are on the artist page, click "download album" if you need the whole album.
      If you are on the album page, you can "download album" and "download track"
      On the track page, you can purchase both the track and the album as well.
    3. Preview the song and the album if necessary. Self-explanatory buttons will help you.
    4. When you are ready to buy a track or album press the appropriate "download" button.
      You will see the message
      "Your account will be charged at the rate of $-- for this operation."
      Confirm this if you really want to buy track(s).
    5. The download button changes for "get mp3" or "album downloaded". Press it. The track will start downloading automatically through your browser.
      You can continue browsing and purchasing tracks as you can always access your recently purchased songs by following the "Downloads" link at the top right-hand side of the page (next to your account name).

    6. You'll see all the tracks you've ordered in the last 48 hours, grouped by album. Click the "download track" buttons to download.

      The 48 hour period gives you enough time to purchase your songs on one computer and then download them somewhere else. In addition, you can download your songs as many times as you want within the 48 hour period. However, when the 48-hour download period expires, your tracks are deleted from the page and, if you still want to download them, you'll need to order and purchase them again.

      IMPORTANT! All purchased files are only available for download for 48hours, after which they expire. You will have to purchase these files again if you do not download within this time limit. This holds true whether you download directly from the site or use Download Manager.

      NOTE - you can't download all your tracks with one click through browser.

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    Download Manager

    For downloading music from Mp3Eagle we recommend using Download Manager. The program is free. You can navigate around the site using this Manager and download all your purchased songs with just one click. You can specify where songs are to be stored on your computer, which means that your songs can be automatically included in your media player's library if your media player supports folder monitoring. Using the manager will help if there are problems such as a computer crash or loss of internet service.

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    Where can I download Download Manager?

    Visit this page. Download Manager is available for Windows and Mac.

    1. Select and download tracks much faster
    2. In case your connection failed, you can re-download your tracks
    3. Select several simultaneous downloads and control speed of downloading process
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    What's inside of the Download Manager?

    1. Usability. It's very easy to browse the artists according to the alphabet. Click on the letter, select the artist, see all the albums, select the one you need, and see all the tracks. Tick the tracks you like and buy them. You can order the whole album as well.
    2. Search. Type in the search field anything you are looking for, press GO and get the results according to the artist, album and track.
    3. Preview of any track for the first 30 sec.
    4. Your downloads. You can always follow the downloading process.
    5. Folder. Browse your system without opening additional windows, play your downloaded files clicking them inside of the program.
    6. History. All your downloads are remembered by the program and you can always access the history of your purchases. It shows name of the track, its size and the date when you bought it.
    7. Charts. You can follow the USA, UK, Europe and World charts.
    8. New Albums. You always know about the recent updates of our base.
    9. Genres. The start page for discovering artists according to the genres.
    10. Search Results. Go there and see the results of your last search requirement.

    - Select and change your folder for storing music anytime
    - Arrange the file names as you wish
    - Download settings - automatically or not
    - Connection settings include Proxy Server details

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    How to download?

    1. Before downloading check if you have credits, if you don't have any, see Payments → Adding funds.
    2. Check where your tracks will be stored. Go to "Folder". Download Manager automatically created Mp3Eagle folder in your computer system. If you agree to store your files there, do nothing, if you want to change your folder, press "Settings" → "Folders" → "Browse"
    3. Click "Mp3 Browser" and browse the site to find your favorite album or song using Search, Genres, New Albums, Charts or the alphabet.
    4. Click the name of the album you want to see. Press "Download album" to get it all, press "download" to get one track or tick several tracks and press "download selected" in the bottom of the page. Confirm your payment.
    5. Go to "Downloads" and see how all the songs you selected are quickly downloading.
    6. When the downloading process is completed, go to "Folder" to check if your downloaded album in the right folder.
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    Are downloads limited?

    In order to keep our service running at acceptable speeds for all our customers we limit downloads to 500 tracks per 24 hour period.

    What shall I do if the system does not work?

    It is pleasure for us to help you. If you have any problem, please, contact our Support Service.

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    iTunes deleted my music. How can I prevent that in future?

    If you sync your iPod with iTunes, all the music in the iPod will be deleted. What you need to do is to click on your iPod icon when you connect it to the computer and then check "Manually manage music". After that you need to create a playlist, put all the songs you want to add in your iPod, then under the iPod click on Music, and you will see "Autofill from:" below the window. Select the playlist you created and click on Autofill. Thus the songs will be added without deleting the ones which were already on the iPod.
    Due to our experience - many of our users have plenty of problems with iTunes. So we advise you to use some another media player like WinAmp, AIMP or foobar2000 for Windows and VLC, Songbird or Cog for Mac OS X.

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    Is there any difference in purchasing audiobooks and music?

    No, you can purchase and download audiobooks just the same as you do with music files. We recommend you using Download Manager as audiobook file sizes are bigger than music ones.

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    Are all my tracks DRM-free?

    Yes, they are. Audiobooks and soundtrack files are DRM-free too.

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    Can I play my tracks anywhere?

    Yes, you can play your songs on your Windows PC, Mac, xBox, Playstation, iPod, Zen, Zune, RAZR, iPhone, BlackBerry, PDA, and most media-enabled mobile phones.

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    Is your music ready for CD-burining?

    Yes, you can easily burn any of our music files to CD.

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    Is there any warranty on Mp3Eagle's services?

    If you find that the quality of a download is not as you expect or a file is corrupt please first try to download the file again. If the problem persists, the site Administration will refund the cost of the damaged material and replace that item on the site. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by the user.

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    What is a Playlist? offers you a unique possibility to gather your favorite tracks, albums, audiobooks and soundtracks in one place. Moreover, you can divide your favorites as you wish creating unlimited number of playlists. Each playlist can contain any number of random tracks.
    It is YOU who decides how to organize your music, audiobooks and soundtracks.

    Default Playlist

    When you access your account page, following "My Account" link next to e-mail address in the up right corner of the page, select Playlists → Songslists. You will see that you have a Default Playlist created by the system.

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    How to create a Playlist?

    Go to My Account → Playlists → Songlists → create new playlist

    How to add songs to my playlists?

    1. If you are on the artist or track page, press "add tracks to playlist", if you are on the album page, press "+".
    2. In the pop up window select the playlist to add the song/album.
      2.1. If there is no playlist for your tracks, press "create a new playlist" - the new playlist will appear in the pop up window.
      2.2. If you press "manage playlist" you will be redirected to "My Playlists" page.
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    What can I do in my playlist?

    You can

    1. Preview all the songs one by one
    2. Buy and download songs
    3. Remove songs from playlist
    4. Clean playlist
    5. Rename playlist
    6. Delete playlist
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    What is it for?

    Many people while browsing online stores come across with an artist, album or track that draws their attention from the initial target. Eventually some people get lost and forget what their first goal was. Mp3Eagle prevents this launching a new service Save For Later. It is a "lockbox" where users add and store the music they may buy in the future. Adding items to a lockbox does not lead user away from his current page and his original goal. User can access his Saved For Later items anytime he wishes. He can preview, download and add to playlist any of his saved tracks or albums.

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    How can I "save for later"?

    1. Go to any artist page
      Press "save album for later" near any album
      In "Relates artists" press "save for later"
    2. Go to album page
      Press [] near any song
    3. On the track page press "save for later"
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    What can I do on my "Saved for later" page?

    1. Preview tracks
    2. Download tracks
    3. Add to playlist
    4. Remove from "saved for later"
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