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Best music gifts on Black Friday event!

The long awaited Black Friday event has officially started. We at the world’s leading music website welcome you to our crazy annual event. Join millions of music fans around the globe and celebrate this holiday with us. As always, we have prepared amazing presents and bonuses. As you are reading this, we are giving away huge money bonus, Yes, it’s that time of the year! Want to claim on your account? Nothing can be easier. Choose what extra amount you want to receive, and we will add it on top of the regular sum. But there’s more. We have an impressive 50% discount on all 2022 music waiting for you already.

Add funds to your account to get 90 bucks as a bonus !

Holiday Bonuses!
You add Your bonus Total sum on your account
$29.90 $15.10 $45
$49.90 $30.10 $80
$99.90 $90.10 $190
Add funds and get bonus

How about 50% off on All 2022 music

If you thought that huge account bonus is crazy good, well you were right. But you know what else is crazy? This unique discount. Available only during such an event as Black Friday. 50% off on every single release of this year. Just think about all the fresh music that we had in 2022. Now you can enjoy it all. And you can have as many of it as you want. Your account will not even notice it, especially if you have already claimed our bonus. Dive into our music charts, see check out on your favorite bands and singers. The deal is exclusive to the Black Friday celebration, so you better start using it now.

We offer you a special discount chart:

We make music truly affordable!

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