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  • Morning Wood by Carrington, Rodney

    Carrington's got an ugly, agitated view of the world. That's the exact reason why some people like the comic and others don't. In the CD's opening minutes the comedian proudly indulges in some nasty ethnic caricature, but before long he settles into the raunchy redneck sex routines he's best known for. At times, Carrington's all-consuming horniness sounds more like a nagging Pavlovian itch than adult sexual yearning. The central figure in Rodney's world continues to be the male member and references to his favorite organ abound on Morning Wood. About half of the disc is taken up with the comic performing dirty ditties. The title track works the same turf as "Letter to My Penis," a song from Carrington's 1998 album, Hangin' with Rodney. This guy definitely has an obsession and he wants to share it with the world. --Fred Cisterna

  • Hangin' with Rodney by Carrington, Rodney

    Rodney Carrington likes keepin' it rude, lewd, and crude. The raunchy Texan comedian's inner horny adolescent rages on and on in these fast-talkin' routines. This guy is fixated on sex and is particularly fond of talking about the male member. Carrington also manages to find time to humorously tell us just how he feels about marriage and kids, going to church, and shopping for caskets. There's plenty of shoutin' and an undercurrent of stylized irritation in these live performances recorded at clubs in Texas, North Carolina, and Indiana. A number of tracks feature Carrington strumming an acoustic guitar and singing songs that poke fun at, among other things, Latin lovers, grandpa, and The Artist Formerly known as Prince. The tune that best sums up Rodney's shtick is "Letter to My Penis," which appears on the album not once, but twice. Rodney and his Thing have their differences, but in the end, they work everything out. --Fred Cisterna

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